Unlearning: the secret of leadership success

Aug 11, 2016

Let me tell you a secret. If there’s one thing 15 years of research and consulting has shown me, it’s that leadership does not come naturally. 
Learn leadership skills with Behave YourselfBorn leaders are by and large, the exception. The truth is, leading others takes skill and practice: in essence, it must – and can – be learned.

But before you learn, you have to unlearn.

Unlearning is unravelling all those things that have been holding you back from becoming a great leader, a motivating manager, an inspiration to your team, and an asset to your organisation.

We created Behave Yourself as a catalyst for unlearning. We strip back the layers of poor mentoring, crappy how-to books, crash courses and bluffing and rebuild you. Kinda like the Six Million Dollar Man. But without the cool sound effects. We then equip you to be your own facilitator of positive change in yourself, in those around you and, in some cases, within a whole organisation.

By unlearning, you start to see the barriers and stumbling blocks to your success at work. They may be great (such as, a morbid fear of public speaking) or they may be small (wrong suit, wrong tie – we’ve all been there). Our executive coaching programs are framed by our extensive research and psychological practice into human behaviour, group dynamics, willpower, and motivation – the usual suspects.

We have observed leadership greatness first hand through our work with some of Australia’s most well known and well-resourced organisations. We are also keenly aware of the pitfalls encountered by managers that are unsupported as they transition to roles with higher levels responsibility within an organisation.

Our goal at Behave Yourself is to equip both individuals and teams with the cognitive toolkit required to lead a productive, successful – and healthy – working life. Corporate wellness is critical to the success of any business and we have developed programs that empower individuals to be agents of change in workplace culture – to be part of the solution, not the problem.

The biggest thing you’ll learn with us on your journey to executive success and corporate wellness is to unlearn. Are you ready? Get in touch!

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