Resolve to make your workplace happier in 2017

Jan 7, 2017

Many people going back to work on Monday will be feeling miserable. The holidays are over and a lot of us will be returning to jobs that we simply do not enjoy.

Young woman running, Sweden.

The team at Behave Yourself are proposing a New Year resolution with a difference. We are asking you to commit to making your workplace a healthier and happier one in 2017 – and to encourage your employers and colleagues to do the same.


Evidence shows that happier workplaces bring significant benefits for both the employees and the organisation. Happier people not only enjoy better physical health and mental wellbeing; they are also more creative, more productive, more collaborative, and more successful in their careers.


It is true that the leaders and managers in any organisation have the greatest influence over whether or not an organisation is a happy place to work. But there are lots of actions for happiness that we can do to make a difference.


Here are five simple actions you can do for a happier workplace:

  1. Stop to say hello to colleagues and get to know them better
  2. Find ways to make working together more fun and sociable
  3. Make a habit of noting good things that happen each day
  4. Change something that’s making you or colleagues unhappy
  5. Go out of your way to support others and help them feel good


Or maybe you want to try something a little different? Why not participate in our social experiment and be part of a global movement for change?


Your happiness influences the happiness of the people around you – including your colleagues.  It is also great for your health … and we want to use YOUR happiness to create healthier and happier workplaces.


How? Photograph a moment at work that makes you feel healthy and happy and share it with us! This simple action will inspire others to do the same.


Instagram: #tagit_loveyourwork and be sure to tag @behaveyourselfconsulting so we can repost and spread the love.



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