How Pokémon GO can get your employees moving

Jul 14, 2016

Just 10 days into its release, Pokémon GO was already more popular than Twitter and Tinder on mobile devices. Pokemon Go at workPeople with the app were spending more time playing Pokémon GO than they were on Facebook. If this seems like a big deal, you’re right – it is!

Sure, Pokémon GO is a game, but it has also morphed into a successful health app; and it is making people move, A LOT. The game’s augmented reality makes you move around your house, neighbourhood, or even some distant natural landscape to discover new Pokémon. Players are walking like never before – all in hot pursuit of Pokémon. Players are taking to social media complaining of sore legs, and the daily steps being recorded by their Fitbits are skyrocketing!


Pokémon GO and corporate wellness

But what does this have to do with corporate wellness? The psychology driving Pokémon GO can also drive the success of your workplace wellness programs. According to a Forbes poll, not only do approximately 69% of Pokémon GO users admit to playing the game at work, but a third also reported they spend more than an hour playing the game at work! Now you could get all up in arms about this or you could play it smart and use this engagement to get your employees moving! And believe me, you need to get your employees moving. Just last week The Lancet published a report warning that sitting at our desks for eight hours a day without exercise could increase the risk of premature death by up to 60%. Yes, 60%!


How to use Pokémon GO in your corporate wellness program

So why not use this “healthified” game to motivate your staff to become active? Roll out corporate challenges that rely upon core elements of the game – from points and leaderboards to real-time incentives and teams. There is plenty of research stating that even a 10-minute walk is sufficient to produce a measurable and positive effect on mood, and just being outside encourages recovery from work-related stress. Believe it or not, Pokémon GO could be the antidote to recharge your wellness program.

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