Bike-friendly workplaces are the future

Jul 5, 2017

Did you know that getting your employees on their bikes can actually transform their daily commute into a moderate form of therapy? True Story.


Despite vast improvements in cycling infrastructure in many cities across Australia, the majority of us still don’t bike to work. While the benefits of cycling to work are nearly innumerable, we managed to round them down to just five … So from the team at Behave Yourself, here are our top five reasons why you need to get your employees on their bikes:


1. It’s healthy. Everyone knows that cycling is good for your body’s health and wellness. It’s a good way to stay fit, lose weight, and generally just be healthier. And that is good news for big business! Just think, if your whole staff biked to and from work every day, they would be healthier on average, giving them more energy (which means higher productivity), and less health problems getting in the way of work. A healthy staff means a happy boss, and a happy boss is just good news for everyone involved.


2. It saves money.The increased productivity and reduced absenteeism rates represent a significant benefit to companies with absenteeism costing Australian businesses a staggering $AU27.5 billion a year. And encouraging staff to ride for short work journeys and external meetings can save the workplace money on fleet cars, taxis, parking and petrol cards.


 3. It encourages employees to arrive on time. Cities have lots of traffic. And is there any wonder why? Tens of thousands of cars are all piled into narrow streets sitting bumper to bumper crawling towards their desired destination. If only there was a smaller form of transportation, that can go faster than a car can in the city, and doesn’t get caught up in traffic jams every 3- metres. Oh wait, there is! It’s called a bicycle. Next time your employees complain about traffic making them late, recommend they start riding their bike.


4. It relieves parking pressures. Cars take up a lot of space. Encouraging employees to ride to work reduces the demand for staff car parking spaces. Six cyclists could occupy roughly the same space as one car. Similarly, for clients and visitors, trading one or two car spaces for a dozen bike spaces means more space for less cost and helps organisations to earn respect as a bike-friendly business.


5. It supports corporate social responsibility. Going green is great for businesses these days. The more cyclists there are, the less air pollution there is in the streets. Bicycles don’t spit out smog, and they don’t require fossil fuels. By encouraging your employees to bike over using a car, you can earn plenty of brownie points with environmentally-minded consumers while making the city, and therefore the world, a cleaner and fresher place. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to cost your business a cent. Just lead by example and ask your staff to follow along.


Overall, bike-friendly workplaces will boost workplace morale and result in happier, healthier employees!

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